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In a hopeless place with Rihanna




This will always be my favorite picture.Her smile is so genuine and I can feel her from ten thousand miles away.She reminds me of you and how you used to look at me.

god this picture makes me happy

Ah it’s back on my dash. I can’t help from hitting reblog always

omg look how happy she is

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@denisebardzik: Well good morning 👋👋👋 #abs This is the fun part of prep. I have not eaten any fish as part of my prep 🙅🐠 and tomorrow it’s a high carb day with burger and fries 🍔🍟 The body is a machine. It amazes me the amount I eat and I’m still leaning out and keeping full. I do not cut sodium or water. Everyone preps differently. Do what works for you but keep it safe my friends. I’ve been with my coach for 3 years now. He knows how my body responds and every prep is different. He’s the best and with all of his girls he still checks on all of us and us there for every show! @teamazpro 🏆🏆 #girlswithmuscle #fitover40 #championsbreedchampions #muscleegg #evp @evogennutrition @aesthetic_u #bodesquad #bodybuilding_motivation

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67:13 Quran